Unfortunately, the war that began in Ukraine in 2022 is still ongoing. And our mission does not stand aside; we are trying in every possible way to help and support those who need help in Ukraine.

We currently have three different missionaries that we are supporting in the country of Ukraine. One such family is a missionary couple, a husband and wife who have been serving the people of Ukraine ever since the war started. Their primary location of service is Kharkiv, a city that has been under constant air strikes for the past two years. The people they serve were unable to evacuate the city due to disabilities or age.

Their mission is to visit those people who are sitting at home and are unable to get out of the house because of fear and to bring them food and all the necessary supplies that they need in order to survive.  The husband, Andrei, when he has an opportunity, risks his life to go to the front lines to minister to the Ukrainian troops, who are not only in need of physical assistance, but are also in need of salvation, and his mission is to share the gospel with them. Another missionary that we currently support is a man by the name of Alex. He is located in the city of Bakhmut. Throughout the winter he has been serving the local people by providing food for those who were unable to to find any food anywhere else. He also assisted people with buying coal for the winter or collecting wood for the wood stoves. Amongst all that, he, just like any minister of Christ, takes an opportunity to share the gospel with the perishing and uses that same

Gospel to strengthen our brothers and sisters in faith. The last missionary that we are currently supporting in Ukraine is a single woman who has dedicated her life to care for orphans with physical and mental disabilities. When the war started many people fled the country, but those children had no one to help them escape, and so were left behind in orphanages. Oksana, out of love towards these children, stayed behind to care for their physical needs and to help them come to Christ through the gospel. Supporting these missionaries is a great privilege for us, and any donations made for Ukraine will go towards helping them to carry on their ministry for the glory of God.

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